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Meet Your Provider

Joseph Brabham (PA-C)

MindZen Ketamine Therapy Provider

     My name is Joseph Brabham and I am the founder and primary clinician at MindZen. I have been practicing as a PA-C in psychiatry since 2019, and I have experience working in the outpatient, acute, and post-acute settings with patients of all ages. I was inspired to create MindZen after years of seeing patients struggle to overcome their symptoms with traditional psychiatric treatment modalities. These treatments were effective for many however, several of my patients often found that the traditional medications and therapeutic options were not sufficient for them or left them with intolerable side effects. 

     My belief is that there is a bright future ahead for the field of psychiatry if we embrace alternative and personalized treatment options for individuals struggling with their mental health. I am hopeful that psychedelic medications will offer substantial benefits to combat our current mental health crisis. The ongoing research in this field is promising, offering a glimpse of hope towards "new" treatment options, some of which have been used for thousands of years for healing and spiritual purposes. Many of these treatments have been found to promote neuroplasticity in the brain which is essential for rewiring thought patterns and behaviors. 


     The only current accessible psychedelic treatment in Florida is ketamine therapy. As more treatment options are approved for treatment, my goal is to integrate these options into our available treatments at MindZen with a focus on keeping low overhead operating expenses to provide more affordable and accessible treatment options to those who are interested in attempting psychedelic therapeutics

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